Home Improvement

We assist members to acquire home appliances.Click here to download form

Loan Acquisition

We assist members to acquire loans at affordable rate. Instead of "Six months" membership duration before eligibility for loan, new members are entititled to loan as soon as they have fund in their society's accounts provided the amount requested for shall not exceed twice the amount in the member's account.

Applications for loans are promptly processed to meet members needs despite the tight schedules of the officials involved. Click Download for the form

Emergency Relief Loan

We provide emergency relief loans to members.

Normally, when a member is servicing a loan he/she is disqualified from further loans until he/she has completely paid back the loan. Emergency relief loan caters for such members who find themselves in verifiable emergency situation while still serving a loan. The emergency situations covered by his/her loan shall be restricted to ill health of members or their dependants, accidents and actual or impending disaster only.

Click Download for the application form

Retiree Re-enrolment Scheme

We re-enrol retirees so that they could sustain the membership beyond their service years.

The retiree re-enrolment scheme was apporved by the 5th AGM to enable retired members to sustain their membership after retirement. Such members would require a guarantor who must be a serving personnel and a member of the Cooperative Society. The retiree re-enrolment scheme shall be operated from a distinct account.

Click here to download application form

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